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Erişim tarihi: 29 Nisan Escobar is said to have controlled up to 80 percent of the global cocaine business.

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He was the seventh richest man in the world inaccording to Forbes magazine, turned Medellín into the most dangerous city anywhere in the world and has been blamed for at least 4, murders. El Patrón, as he was popularly known, threatened the Colombian government with brutal narco-terrorist attacks, such as the bombing of an Avianca airliner that killed people, a bomb at the government's domestic intelligence Administrative Security Department that left 70 dead and more than 40 car bombs.

His cruelty knew no limits. Miami Herald. Erişim tarihi: 28 Ekim Oxford University Press. ISBN The drug lord element of narcoterrorism's trinity has escalated in recent years.

What used to be mafia type crimes have grown to narcoterrorist political actions.

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In Colombia, two cartels, the Medellin and Cali, have controlled the majority of the drug trade and have earned billions of dollars each year by bringing corruption and violence throughout the world. The Cali and Medellin cartels are probably more dangerous than any of the Latin American terrorist and guerrilla groups.

United States Army War College. Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel: Pablo Escobar, born in to a peasant farmer and schoolteacher, was perhaps the most successful criminal in the history, and his life seriously impacted the population and government of Colombia in the context of narco-terrorism.

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Encyclopedia of Terrorism. Leaders of drug cartels have been retroactively defined by the DEA as having been narco-terrorists.

He also was responsible for the assassination of politicians, presidential candidates, police officers, journalists, and Colombian supreme court justices. Encyclopedia Britannica. The Guardian.

He was the drug lord whose murderous campaign of narcoterrorism helped transform his native Colombia into the murder capital of the world.

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Global Crime. His cartel not only trafficked drugs, it terrorised Colombia in the s and early s, bribing, kidnapping or killing all those who stood in its way. Such was his ruthlessness he is widely held responsible for some 4, deaths.

Others say the real number is closer to 5, BBC News. Business Insider. Erişim tarihi: 28 Temmuz But what shook the bishop were Escobar's parting words. The New York Times İngilizce. ISSN Erişim tarihi: 29 Ekim On December 15,Colombian police raided the home of Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, who, along with Pablo Escobar, was one of the top leaders of the Medellin drug cartel.

Rodriguez Gacha and his son Freddy were killed in the raid.

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Colombian police then discovered large arms caches on Rodriguez Gacha's property, containing Israeli-made Galil assault rifles. The discovery of this cache led to an investigation of how a supposedly legitimate arms shipment to Antigua was diverted to a Colombian drug cartelCan investigation that revealed, in great detail, the manner in which arms dealers manipulate legal channels in order to transfer arms to insurgents, criminals, and terrorists.

Federation of American Scientists.

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It obtained weapons and supplies through drug traffickers dealing with Cuba. These allegations involved money laundering, gun sales, and narcotics trafficking.

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While still a teenager, he began a life of crime. His early illegal activities included smuggling stereo equipment and stealing tombstones to resell.


His first known criminal activity was stealing gravestones and then resurfacing and selling them to the recently bereaved. Orlando Sentinel. Escobar became involved in drug smuggling. In nih gov sağlık kamu kalp hbp tire mids he helped found the crime organization that later became known as the Medellín cartel.

Escobar served as head of the organization, which focused largely on the production, transport, and sale of cocaine. By the mids the Medellín cartel dominated the cocaine trade, with Escobar wielding incredible power and wealth.

It became the capital of cocaine trafficking in the s as Mr. The Christian Science Monitor.

Şubat Erişim tarihi: 17 Haziran Escobar, Juan Pablo. Martin's Press, New York. He even sponsored local soccer teams.

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